Terms and Conditions

General information

  1. The online shop sensimoslings.com, hereinafter referred to as the „Shop”, is run by the Company MyFy Studio Sp. z o.o., św. Marcin 29/8 61-806 Poznań with its registered office in Poznań, the address: os. Kosmonautów 12F (lokal użytkowy) 61-627 Poznań, NIP number 7831705735 REGON number 302560930 , KRS number 0000480072, hereinafter referred to as the „Company”.
  2. Within the scope of the Shop the Company sells products on the Internet.
  3. Terms and conditions of purchasing goods in the Shop are specified in this terms and conditions of the online shop sensimoslings.com. All clients may acquaint themselves at any moment with the terms and conditions of the Shop which are placed on the website of the Shop at sensimoslings.com.
  4. Presented in the Shop goods (their photos and descriptions) are properly prepared and shall suit the real condition of goods.
  5. Company owns all copyright for materials used for the presentation of the products (photos, technical data, descriptions). It is forbidden to use them for any commercial purpose or presentation in any media without the prior consent of the Company in writing unless being null and void.
  6. Prices placed by the products are in EURO and they are quoted as the gross amount with the tax VAT included. Prices do not include the cost of shipping.
  7. In order to place an order properly, the computer that is used for making the purchase shall be equipped with the current version of one of the popular browser (e.g. Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, MS Explorer).
Terms of placing an order
  1. Orders for the products sold in the Shop shall be placed exclusively by electronic means.
  2. Purchase of the goods in the Shop may be done both by the customers or the entrepreneurs.
  3. Products may be ordered seven days a week, 24-hour a day, during the whole year.
  4. In order to place an order in the Shop it is necessary to give correct clients’ data.
  5. After placing an order by the Client for the chosen product, he shall receive an e-mail in which he is informed about the acceptance of an order, its number and specification. To start the realization of the order it is necessary for the Client to confirm the order according to the instruction received in the e-mail.
  6. While ordering huge amount of products, Company takes the reduction of the price into consideration, after previous negotiation with the Client.
  7. The Client has the right to make any changes in the order till the moment of shipping the package with the product. The Client may also till that moment cancel the order placed. 
  8. Changes related to the order or its total cancelling shall be made only by electronic means.

Sending an order

  1. Products bought in the Shop are sent to the Client throughout Wordwide by use of the FedEx and GLS.
  2. In case if the Client provides the Company with incomplete data for the shipment, the order processing may be delayed.
  3. Company is not responsible of the wrong address given by the Client for the shipping while placing an order. In case of no delivery because of the wrong address, the Client shall pay for the additional shipping. Orders payed by Paypal can be send only on shipping address added to Paypal.
  4. After shipping the products by the Company, the Client shall receive e-mail with confirmation of the shipping.
  5. An additional fee for shipping will be added to your order. The amount is dependent on where you live:Poland: 5 Euros 
    European Union cuntries: 14 Euros 
    Switzerland 24 Euro
    USA and Canada: 40 euro 
    Australia and New Zealand: 40 Euros 
    Asia: 40 Euros

    Paypal have often problems to coordinate Paypal Express with our shipping prices. If shipping costs on paypal will be diffriend then those in this document. All difrience will be send back to buyer before shipping or shortfall will be charged from vat tax who is send back for our costumers from outside Europen Union.

    The shipping costs are calculated for packages up to 2kg. Price for larger packages will be calculated individually 
    Approximate delivery time 
    Outside Europe : 10-30 working days
    Europe : 5-30 working days
    Poland: 1-10 working days Distribution partner We are in cooperation with the Polish Post ,GLS and FedEx  for the delivery of your order due to their fast and safe deliveries. 

The right to withdraw from a contract

  1. Pursuant to the provisions of an Act on protection of certain rights of consumer rights from 2nd March 2000, the Client who is a consumer has the right to withdraw from a contract within 10 days of receiving the goods regardless of the reason. To observe the term is enough for the consumer to send the declaration about the withdrawal from a contract before the mention term. The required declaration shall be made in writing.
  2. The returned product because of the withdrawal from a contract shall be returned in an unchanged state. The returned product because of the withdrawal from a contract may only contain footprints resulting from the normal management (e.g. opening the packing).
  3. The Client shall cover the cost of returning the product to the Company.
  4. The return of the product shall occur immediately, not later than within 14 days.
  5. Payment made by the Client in connection with an order shall be returned immediately, no later than 14 days after receiving the declaration from the Client.
  6. If you are choosing DHL to send any packages to Sensimo Slings, you are doing so on your own responsibility. DHL does not have pick up locations in Poznań and the only DHL pick up point is located 20 km from Sensimo Sling's location. Sensimo Slings is not travelling outside of the city limits to pick up any packages. Therefore Sensimo Slings cannot be held responsible for any lost or returned packages via DHL. We will not cover any costs that may arise if customers decide to send packages to Sensimo Slings via DHL.

Exchange of the product

  1. Company expects the goods bought to be exchanged for another model or color if it is available in stock.
  2. The exchange of the product requires the prior return of the goods bought and the eventual additional payment for the difference in the prices and the cost of additional shipment. The Client shall cover all costs of exchanging the product.
  3. All the exchanges shall be made possibly fast, depending on the goods’ availability.


  1. The Client being at the same time the Consumer is entitled to put in a complaint in case of nonconformity of goods purchased with the contract.
  2. The complaints shall be made in writing and sent to the Company by electronic means.
  3. Company shall process the complaint put in by the Client within 14 days since the complaint was put.
  4. If to process the complaint it is necessary to send to the Company the goods, the Client shall send it immediately.
  5. If there is nonconformity of goods with the contract, the Client may claim for bringing the product into conformity with the contract or to exchange it with a new one if the repair or exchange is not possible or require excessive costs.
  6. In case when the exchange for a new one or if the repair or exchange are not possible or require excessive costs or if the Company does not fulfill the claims in the proper time or if the repair or the exchange expose the Client for substantial inconvenience, the Client has the right to claim for the reduction of the price or to withdraw from the contract. The Client may not withdraw from the contract if the nonconformity of goods with the contract is insignificant. To specify the proper time of repairing or exchanging the good it shall be considered the type of the good and the aim of its purchase.
  7. Client shall not have the entitlement pointed in points 5 and 6 if he does not inform the Company about the nonconformity of goods with the contract within 2 months since realizing it. To observe that term it is enough for the Client to send the written notification before the end of the term.
  8. In order to provide the effective complaint process, the complaint notification shall contain all data that enable to verify the transaction and data of the Client (name, surname, address), number of the order, description of the reason for complaint, time and circumstances of the defect to appear. Client shall point if he claims for repairing the good, its exchange or reducing or return of the price.
  9. About the result of the complaint, the Client shall be informed by electronic means.
  10. In case of concluding the sale agreement between the Company and the Client who is not a Consumer, the Seller will not be responsible for the warranty in the case of faulty products.
  11. Ich costumer have 1 day after delivery to inspect first quality wraps  and pm to sensimoslings@gmail.com with complaints if the wrap have eny errors in fabrick and should be classified as a secound grad. 

Terms and conditions of payment

  1. To each purchased product by the Client the proof of purchase is attached.
  2. Payments for the purchased in the Shop goods and for the shipping shall be made directly on the Company’s bank account: IBAN: 08 2490 0005 0000 4530 1367 3640 or via PayPal: studiomyfy@gmail.com
  3. In the bank transfer’s title the Client shall point the number of an order, his name and surname, which were given while placing an order. In other case the term of order processing may be delayed.
  4. If shipping address need to be other than as specified in the order or in the Paypal payment, the customer shall immediately inform the Sensimo Slings shop. If you pay by Paypal we always use shipping details from paypal, becouse this protect us.

Data protection

  1. The administrator of all personal data is the Company.
  2. Personal data of the Clients are protected pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act from 29 August 1997.
  3. Personal data of the Clients are collected only in the aim and in the extent necessary to conclude and perform of the sale agreements and entitlements related to them.
  4. Providing the Company with personal data is voluntary.
  5. Client has the right of access to the content of his personal data and to change or remove them.

Final provisions

  1. The applicable law for the sale agreements concluded with the Company is the Polish law.
  2. The terms and conditions of the on-line shop sensimoslings.com become effective on 1 March 2014.
  3. The Company reserves the right to change this Terms and Conditions. Changed Terms and Conditions shall come into force at the pointed by the Company day, in the term not shorter than 14 days since placing a new terms and conditions on the website of the Shop.
  4. Clients of the Shop are bound by the terms and conditions binding at the day of placing an order.
  5. By sending an order the Client declares to acquaint himself with the Terms and conditions of the Shop.