Secret Box

The Secret Box can contain either a wrap from sizes 4 to 7 or a carrier. 

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  • €129.00

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Blend: 100%cotton, 30% bourette silk / 70% cotton, 30%bambo wiscose / 70%cotton, 30%silk70% cotton, 50% combed cotton/35% viscose/15% silk, 70% combed cotton / 30% linen, 70%cotton/30%repreve
Weave: cracle, heart woven, jacquard
Colour: multicolor
Size: 4 (3,6m), XS, 6 (4,6 m), M, 7 ( 5,2m), L
Type: first guality
Product type: freely grow ergonomic baby carrier, freely grow hybrid baby carrier, woven wraps