Freely Grow. Ergonomic baby carrier. American Dream Sol.

Freely Grow baby carrier made of amazing American Dream  wrap fabric by Pellicano baby 100% combed  cotton.

  • Ergonomics and comfort

  • Adjustable to any size - variable width

  • Increased security -three point buckle

  • Hygiene - anti-bite pads

  • Detachable hood - feeding discretion

  • Easy storage - unfastened shoulder straps

  • Elegance

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  • €169.00

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Beautiful ergonomic baby carrier made of American Dream Sol wrap from Pellicano Baby collection. The baby carrier  is composed of 100% combed cotton in blue and green shadows. Thanks to this mixture, the carrier is extremely soft and carrying. Remarkable beauty and cheerful pattern are its additional advantage;). American Dream  wraps are very limited and only few carriers of this type were made. 

By purchasing this product, you are guaranteed excellent quality and a unique product, made only in a few examples of each color. Our products are entirely made in Europe.

Blend: 100%cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: black, blue, grey, pink
Size: 4,5kg to 20 kg
Type: first guality
Product type: freely grow ergonomic baby carrier