Freely Grow Zamira Forest Sensimo Slings ergonomic baby carrier

Dear fans, we present you a beautiful and widely adored ergonomic carrier, this time made of a very limited baby wrap Zamira Forest. The composition of the carrier is 30% linen and 70% combed cotton. The baby carrier Zamira Forest is soft and airy. It is great for wearing both small children and the large ones.  An additional advantage is an unusual beauty of the carrier and the fact that Zamira Forest is limited and will not be re-weaved.

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Feely Grow ergonomic baby carrier is intended for children over the first month of life and weighing about 4 kg or more. Baby carriers are sewn from limited wraps for babies from famous and appreciated brands. Among them you will find Sensimo Slings, Pellicano Baby and  others. Due to the fact that our company is a small family business, we are able to check the product at every stage of its production, which takes place in Poland. Consequently, we invite you to purchase  a top quality product at an affordable price. 


Blend: 30%linen/70%cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: green, multicolor, orange
Size: 4,5kg to 20 kg
Product type: freely grow ergonomic baby carrier