Ergonomic baby carrier. Hybrid baby carrier. Drakar Ashen

Beautiful hybrid carrier that grows with the child , made of beautiful Drakar wrap . Adjustment range of the carrier is from 22 to 42 high and width from 20 to 48. We can recomand this baby carrier for a baby after 1 month of life or about from 4,5 kg weight.

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Drakar Ashen hybrid baby carrier is  30% linen /70 % combed cotton blend. Very soft and very supportive. Elegant and in very fashionable colours at the same time. You can wear it throughout the entire period of babywearing. Drakar is very limited carrier. Only a few were made of this wrap, so you can be sure you own something very unique and beautiful.

The carrier has a very comfortable, stiffened waist belt and knotted shoulder straps. The shoulder straps allow you to tighten the hybrid carrier very much like a sling, which makes it ideal also  for small babies . Additionally, each carrier is equipped with cushions that can be placed in the shoulder straps when the child is already older. This makes the hybrid very comfortable even when baby is already a big toddler. 

Blend: 30%linen/70%cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: grey, white
Size: 4,5kg to 20 kg
Type: first guality
Product type: freely grow hybrid baby carrier