Baby carrier. Freely grow hybrid Zamira Chocolate

Ergonomic and growing with the child baby carrier. 30% silk/70% combed cotton.

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  • €189.00

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Adjustment range of the carrier is from 22 to 42 high and width from 20 to 48. We can recomand this baby carrier for a baby after 1 month of life or about from 4,5 kg weight. Freely Grow made of Zamira Chocolate is made from limited edition baby wrap. By buying this product, you can be sure that you have something special and at the same time you get the perfect tool that will allow you to free your hands and enjoy the intimacy with your child throughout the entire period of wearing.

We create our products for you with love in Poland. Thank you very much for your trust and for supporting our small family business .

Blend: 30%silk70% cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: blue, white
Type: first guality
Product type: freely grow hybrid baby carrier