Jacquard Baby Wrap Dolphins Pink Nova s.6

Dolphins Pink Nova. Baby Wrap perfect from the first days of life of your child  .  Highest quality Woven wrap. 100% soft combed cotton.

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  • €99.00

This time we have decided to prepare Dolphins, which are about one of the most charming animals in the world and we do not know anybody, who would not love them. The weight is about 270g/m2 and the unusual softness of the fabric makes it perfect from the first days of life of your child. The wrap is accessible on our internet page - the stock is limited to 10 pieces in one color.

Blend: 100%cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: red
Size: 6 (4,6 m), M
Type: first guality
Product type: woven wraps