Vafli Preorder - Vafli Lavender

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  • €50.00

Vafli collection will be about 270-280g/m2 and 100% cotton blend

Preorder for beautiful rainbow with violet weft and so loved by you Vafli pattern is open now. For all those who are waiting for Spring and Summer and would love to have very joyful and energetic wrap. In wonderful prices and extremely supportive. We recomend Vafli for all those who love 3D effect in a wrap. who love to wear even 4 yours old children. Those wraps are soft like a blanket and strong like a linen. This is  very limited collection, because we plan to weave about 10 pieces in each colour. The wraps will be woven in April and delivered to customers withing the next 4 to 8 weeks. But we can not exclude the possibility that it will be even faster.The photos show the warp and weft. It should be remembered that the thread affects the shade of the wrap and changes the appearance of the warp. :) We also add a photo of the vaffle pattern in a different color from the previous collection, just to show how the tipe of weave looks like. 

Final prices

R/s - 50 euro

Size 4- 54 euro

Size 5- 59 euro

Size 6 - 64 euro

Size 7-  69 euro

size 8 - 74  euro

All orders will be accepted after paying a non-refundable deposit of 50 euro. That ammount is counted towards the final price of the wrap.When the wraps will be ready, we will ask you to pay the remainder of the value of the wrap.