Jacquard baby wrap Drake Monochrome s.6

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Dears, we have an unusual wrap for you. We have been waiting to show it to you now, because an unusual moment is approaching - the final season of the Game of Thrones enters the screen. We celebrate it by creating the wrap, which is inspired by the series.The first version of it is white and black, because we wanted to create it as classically beautiful and elegant as dragon's mother Daenerys.

Because the favorite season in the world of babywearing has arrived, the wrap is a blend of 70% combed cotton and 30% linen to make it breathable and comfortable. At the same time it can be easily groomed, so you can take it on the craziest trips.

Happy Babywearing!

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  • €119.00

Blend: 30%linen/70%cotton
Weave: jacquard
Colour: black, white
Size: 6 (4,6 m), M
Type: first guality
Product type: woven wraps