Jacquard Baby Wrap Alice in Wonderland Morganit R/S

Baby Wrap Ring Sling. This time we have prepared uncommonly soft linen in connection with cotton.(70% combed cotton/30%linen and about 270g/m2) The wrap is so soft that it seems to be made of silk, not of linen. Additionally it shines madly. Apart from its beauty we love the comfort with which you can carry even a big child. 

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Dears, we ate offering new, unusual Alice. This motive has already won considerable group of admirers. What Alice has prepared for you today? This time it shows itself in marvellous shades of white and subtle rose. Unusually delicate and womanly. It shows the promises of adventures you can live through. Apart from the closeness with the child it offers a great quality of 100% combed and twisted cotton. It will fantastically carry your child thanks to the weight of about 280g/m2. If well tightened it will bring an unusual comfort of carrying.

Blend: 30%linen/70%cotton
Colour: pink
Size: r/s ( 2m)
Product type: woven wraps